Absolutely, we expect our fresh flowers and orchids last as long as possible in your or your friend's house as what you expect. Looking after the fresh cut flowers is playing such an important role in keeping them last longer.


1.Fresh flowers

a.Cut the ends of the flower stems and put them into fresh water once you receive them.

b.Every 1-2 days Clean your vase or pot , change water, cut the ends of the flowers stems, and put them back into the vase.


2.Special Flowers

For Gerbera, Sunflowers, please just put 2-3cm height water but keep the vase stable and safe, in case too much water makes Gerber's stems rotten too fast.

Gerbera, Tulip, use taller vase hold the stems, not let the stems bend too much, easy to break.

Roses, use taller vase hold the stems, sometime if let the stems bend too much, the rose head so easy to drop down, not challenge roses too much, look after them.

For Hydrangea, you need to spray water on the petals(This is the only flower in the world so far as we know needs water on the petals.) at least 1-2 times per day especially in Summer, put as much water as possible in the vase, use scissors to split a bit at the end of the stem of the Hydrangea. All we do is to let Hydrangea drink as much water as possible, as their name.


3.Phalaenopsis Orchids plant

a.Indoor plant, no direct sun.

b.Just a bit water once a week, not water too much and too often.

c.Quiet place is better, not too windy, keep away from Aircon and heating.


4.Cymbidium Orchids plant

a.Indoor/Outdoor winter plant, no direct sun.

b.Just some water once a week, not water too much and too often.


5.Cycalmen and Poinsettia

The best way to water Cycalmen and Poinsettia(Christmas Red) is to let the plant drink water from the bottom of the pot. Put the plant into a bucket with water for half an hour once a week.


6. Maiden Hair Fern and Peace Lily

Maiden Hair Fern and Peace Lily needs a lot of water, water a lot every 5 days.